Zach and ashley real world dating

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In the second challenge, the challenge winners will choose a player of the opposite gender to go into the elimination.

The remainder of the cast then voted in who goes against them for the first and second challenge. In the third challenge, and the last chance to earn a ticket to the Oasis, the winners will be safe from elimination, and the two remaining players of each gender will automatically compete against each other. The winners of the elimination round would return to the game, and earn a ticket to The Oasis. Players could not go into The Oasis until every ticket had been earned.

The male and female winners of the challenge would be safe from elimination, and earn their ticket to "The Oasis" — the season house.

The last-place finishers of each gender automatically went straight into elimination for the first challenge.

Kailah and Tony gain their tickets into the Oasis after defeating Bruno and Marie. In a desperate attempt to get to the Oasis, Cory campaigns the rest of the house to throw him in the elimination.

Jenna knows that she will inevitably be sent in, and Anika volunteers to go against her.

Nelson begins to make moves on Sylvia, but she turns him down causing Nelson to lash out. During deliberations, Kailah once again becomes a target and Shane is thrown in against Tony.Lines are drawn in the house during the first challenge.Bruno becomes very frustrated and finishes last in the challenge, and Marie also finishes last, sending both of them into the first elimination.Anthony, Nelson, La Toya, and Sylvia head into the last elimination to earn a spot in the Oasis.Sylvia and Nelson win the "Thai Rise" elimination, and become the final Underdogs to go into the Oasis.

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During the "Tuk Tuk Bang Bang" elimination, strategy proves to outweigh strength as Shane and Sylvia earn another week in the game.