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Meanwhile, all the students decide to “kiss dating goodbye” after reading Joshua Harris’ popular book.Despite this crusade for purity, though, statistics show that a great many of those same kids will fail miserably in the area that they were trying to succeed in.If a student (either guy or girl) comes to them and explains how they have been masturbating and watching pornography, they immediately come up with ways that they can fix the problem. As the book of Romans teaches, His righteousness was imputed to us.

In the first week, Craig talks about doing things differently if you want something different.

Personally, I have been through a youth group that was very similar.

The Youth Pastor(s) taught purity accurately, showing that Jesus is the One who makes us pure, yet a great many of the students (including myself) didn’t fully grasp what that meant.

This is “The Talk” that you absolutely won’t want to miss!

Love, sex, and dating are the most popular topics of conversation among students.

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All of it is a part of purity, but students will not open up if leaders, and especially the pastor, do not know how to listen to them. This will, without a doubt, turn the student away from talking to them anymore.