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Before you consider affiliating with or selling a second-rate product from some unknown “dating guru”… think for a moment about a rare commodity in the business world, and the most ultra-rare commodity on the internet… credibility.The moment they search online for the expert advice they are seeking about dating and meeting someone, the name that comes up all the time… every time… is David Wygant.If you’re at the Tams on Sunday, don’t miss the medieval larpers.

Mont Royal Metro station spills into the trendy fashion district of Mont-Royal.

We have a well designed system of up-sell and backend sales so that one purchase can easily lead to multiple purchases.

Yes, I do offer review copies of my course to potential affiliates.

You’ll find major retailers like Hn M alongside hip independent stores.

The entire length is teeming with beautiful international women, students and professionals, which makes it a great place for a single man to look for his next love. Underneath St-Catherines is a giant mall, connected to the metro via a series of underground passage ways.

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