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I have known her for three years and we are good friends.

She is from America, which is why I like to spend time in Palm Beach." He noted in the same interview that 2015 has been a special year.

The wedding invitations issued at the weekend made me realize that I wasn't ready for all that marriage entails.

I wish Caroline all the happiness she deserves and thank her for the great times we've had.

One of his forehands threatened to sail long but Sharapova graciously hit it back.

On her next shot, she pushed a shot wide, giving Mc Ilroy the point.

I will not be saying anything more about our relationship in any setting,” he added.

Mc Ilroy, 25, and Wozniacki, 23, had been dating since 2011 and became engaged on New Year’s Eve last year.In a statement issued by his communications team, Mc Ilroy said: “The problem is mine.The wedding invitations issued at the weekend made me realize that I wasn’t ready for all that marriage entails.” “I wish Caroline all the happiness she deserves and thank her for the great times we’ve had. “It is quite a difficult time for Caroline and myself, and the statement really said it all this morning,” Mc Ilroy said at Wentworth, according to the Associated Press. “It was mutual and we both thought it was the best for us, the best for both of us.

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The couple coordinated outfits for the swanky affair, with Mc Ilory in a black suit and Stoll in a matching one-shoulder cocktail dress. We haven't really been putting it out there," he said.

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