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Both times i had more fun than a general night at the pub.Mostly due to the licence to just go up and talk to anyone there.This Speed Flatmating event was also great because I have 2 rooms to rent out and I was able to introduce people I liked to each other to see if we could make a good trio, and have set up some viewings, so I'm very pleased!I recommend taking several print outs of your advert, and everyone enjoyed my speed tour video on my phone which I have now added to my advert.It was clear on meeting one of the girls that we got along very well; and we are still living happily together.

But this time was different, as I wanted to take my newly-adopted kitten with me! Went to 3 evenings, and on the 3rd night (the North London one) I met two people who have now become my new flatmates! Thank you Spareroom :-) Speed flatmating was excellent.I actually did meet my current flatmates through the event and live and get on well with them now.I was there recently as well looking for a new flatmate as one is moving out and again I had a successful evening.Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that i went to your speed flatmating at Gigalum in clapham last week adn was brilliant!got loads of interest and found a new perfect flatmate.

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Will be attending the next one for definite if I have not found a room by then.

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