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Behar: Because you were a deaf young girl, do you think that played into all of the molestations? And at the time, I'm thinking it's wrong because he's married. In one particularly dark passage, Matlin described a night when Hurt raped her after coming home drunk around a.m.while filming “Broadcast News.” The actress wrote that the Oscar-winner woke her up and “the next thing I knew he’d pulled me out of the bed, screaming at me, shaking me.” Also Read: Charlie Sheen ' Categorically Denies' Accusations He Raped Corey Haim “I was scared, I was sobbing,” she continued. Please Bill, no.’ The next thing I remember is Bill ramming himself inside me as I sobbed.” Matlin detailed other disturbing incidents in her book, saying Hurt verbally attacked her on the night she won her Oscar in 1987. Behar: Did you think it was molestation or did you think you were having a relationship with a teacher?

I mean I was battling my drug addiction at the time. I was never told what was right and what was wrong about the situation. Matlin: The baby sitter wasn't deaf, so it was possible. But it's all about taking advantage of a child, whether they're deaf or hearing. I'm just wondering if it happens even more often to a handicapped child. Matlin: You know what, actually, we started our relationship during the end of the screen test process for "Children of a Lesser God" before I even got the role. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity: Guest host Joy Behar: [Your] book is called "I'll Scream Later." Marlee, what does it mean, "I'll Scream Later? " Marlee Matlin (through her interpreter, Jack): It goes way back to when I was in rehab. I got nominated for the Academy Awards while I was in rehab.

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Matlin: It was a teacher who I looked up to and became friendly with. I wanted good grades, you know, and I wanted his approval.

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