Who is matt lee dating

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Who is matt lee dating

So what he wanted to declare to his people, that’s his message.

QUESTION: And when – when the President taunts the North Korean leader by saying his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong-un’s, do you worry at all about the risk of miscalculation or the two countries slipping into a military conflict?

And that was to provide the Congress then an opportunity to address many of the flaws that we see in the deal itself by amending Iran – the INARA Act, which is our domestic governing law around it.

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, the President’s not made a decision yet. I want to take you back to the decision he took almost six months or whatever it was – three months ago – to not certify, but to waive.QUESTION: Okay, well, Happy New Year and thanks for doing this. Yeah, well, why don’t I start on North Korea and ask you a little bit about that especially as you head into this – this meeting in Canada next week, and maybe we’ll start with the more recent preliminary discussions between South Korea and North Korea.We’ve got a lot of stuff that we want to ask, so we’ll try to (inaudible) quickly. Given that that’s supposed to be limited in scope as far as the Olympics issue, if North Korea is unwilling to budge from their position on their nuclear program or to even discuss the nuclear program, do you feel that those talks can still be sustainable, and can they lead to something, a broader opportunity for conversation with North Korea?This is a meeting of foreign ministers, so it is a meeting of the diplomatic side of this effort, and it’s a sharing opportunity as to are we missing other things that we should be considering that would move us – that would move us toward achieving this objective of having North Korea, the North Korean regime, come to the conclusion that their future is going to be less secure and less prosperous, not more so.QUESTION: Should – should the North Koreans read anything into the composition of the Vancouver meeting, note that the countries who are there -- SECRETARY TILLERSON: The sending states. SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, that was very deliberate because, as you know, any successful diplomatic effort – and particularly one that deals with an issue as serious as this one – has to be backed up by a strong military alternative.

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SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, I think the upcoming talks between the South and the North where it’s just going to be the two of them – and I did sit in on the President’s call with President Moon yesterday morning.

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