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For more information on Yorma, her relationship with DJ Self and more, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos.

Ever wonder what happened to the woman who allegedly broke up Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush by spreading her legs? She was arrested for a felony and is currently free on bail. she claims it was all a misunderstanding and she's hired a lawyer to handle the situation.

She is a single mother to her only daughter and is hoping to settle down with a supportive man who can be a good role model for her child as well.

According to VH1, Yorma hopes to open up a one stop shop beauty bar in the Bronx, where she's from.

because she's getting very close with Manchester United star Memphis Depay ... Tran was first spotted with Depay in Miami back in June -- but recently it seems things have started to heat up ... it's just another clue she's more than just friends with the guy who signed a million contract back in May. and even though Memphis didn't score on the pitch, seems he might do pretty well after the game.')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_1_1', 'clue_J_1_1_stuck', '(Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from JFK Airport in New York.) As in "Maria Full of Grace", the drug smugglers known by this animal term often run into trouble at U. airports')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_1_1_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_6_2', 'clue_J_6_2_stuck', 'If sending a Valentine to your Guamaninan sweetie, you\'ll need to know that this is Guam\'s U. postal abbreviation')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_6_2_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_1_3', 'clue_J_1_3_stuck', '(Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from JFK Airport in New York.) It\'s the "I" in ICE, the Homeland Security department that confiscated these drugs & money')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_1_3_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_2_3', 'clue_J_2_3_stuck', '"I got a head full of ideas that are drivin\' me insane. It\'s a shame the way she makes me scrub the floor"')" onclick="togglestick('clue_J_2_3_stuck')"')" onmouseout="toggle('clue_J_1_4', 'clue_J_1_4_stuck', 'Before becoming Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff\'s last job in the Bush admin. After going to a gig in New York together at the weekend, sources close to former One Direction star Harry say he’s head-over-heels with the French-American model.‘Harry and Camille are in the early stages of dating.

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