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I can do whatever I want.' I was like, 'Sir, you were doing all this when we were married though.' Like stop, this is no different." To which radio co-host Angela Yee said, "He was really pursuing you heavy." She also addressed the legalities of their break up —specifically the rumor that Gibson filed for spousal support and full custody of their son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr."I'm just happy we're finally going through with the divorce...

Well, the player has definitely had a successful professional life, but his personal life has never been as successful.

However, this was not the end of Gibson's relationship. He recently shared a post on his Instagram that was captioned "Couple Vibes." Let's take a look. .this point forward I’m posting all the dope couples vibessss i see, until i find me a Rollie, & we can do it. #Boobybaby #Couples Vibesss #i Love #Booby Gang #Late Nightsin Boobys World A post shared by Daniel "Booby" Gibson (@boobygang) on Well, his Twitter and Instagram updates have raised the curiosity of many.

Sadly, Gibson has not disclosed much about his current relationship. Well, even though he doesn't talk about his dating and relationships in a statement, he surely does share his love life indirectly through his Twitter posts. It seems his search for the new love has ended as he has already hinted about someone special in his life through the social media. There are many who are curious to know exactly about what's going on his love life. Hope that he will reveal his new girlfriend's identity soon.

I’m sure we all know someone who thinks they are right all the time about everything. It started as a teen and carried over into adulthood, until I realized that quite often; significant women in my life whether my mom, women I was in a relationship with or close female friends were right more than they were wrong.

Perhaps, you may very well be the culprit in this case.

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Birdman - whose real name is Bryan Williams and has an estimated net worth of $160 million - is best known for his ability to make rappers into hip hop superstars like his protege Lil Wayne, and has been working closely with Justin Bieber recently.

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