Who dating ariana grande

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Who dating ariana grande

He is part of a group called the Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation Skip) with 4 other friends (Luke Brooks, Beau Brooks, and Daniel Sahyounie) who have been posting comedy videos on You Tube since September 2011.Currently, their channel has over 2 million subscribers and over 100 million views worldwide.The two began long distance dating later that year until they finally met in person in New York City on December 30, 2012.They broke up in August 2013 and a couple of months later Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.They frequently posted pictures on Instagram and Twitter of being with each other and stating how much they loved one another.Jai came to the set of the "Popular Song" music video, Ariana's Wango Tango performance, gave her a charm bracelet, and was present at multiple of Ariana's interviews where he sometimes joined in; they went to Disneyland together and Ariana rented Jai a sloth named Lola for his 18th birthday.Ariana said that it was completely false and that Jai was just trying to get his "fifteen minutes of fame." However, sometime in early 2014 Jai and Ariana began dating again but broke up again in July.Jai has a twin brother named Luke Brooks and an older brother named Beau Brooks.

Ariana and Jai briefly broke up around that time and many fans believed it was because of the kiss.

She thought the boys were really funny so showed the videos to Ariana and told her to respond to one of them. Throughout the summer and autumn, Jai and Ariana got to know each other very well by texting and video chatting everyday.

They officially began to date on October 7, 2012 and tweeted that they loved each other on Twitter.

We are not only each others' boyfriend/girlfriend, we are also each others best friends.

To still be so in love with each other even though at times we could be a world apart, really means something.

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