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The Validator comments on the Secretariat’s initial assessment and prepares a Draft Validation Report.

The MSG is invited to comment on the Draft Validation Report.

A guidance note on preparing for Validation is available. Initial data collection and stakeholder consultation undertaken by the EITI International Secretariat.

The International Secretariat reviews the relevant documentation, visits the country and consults stakeholders.

The colour-coded scorecard presents the progress made by countries to meet the requirements.The Validator will be invited to present their findings to the Validation Committee. The Validation Committee will make a recommendation to the EITI Board on the country’s compliance with the EITI Requirements and, where applicable, any corrective actions required.The EITI Board will make the final determination of whether the requirements are met or unmet, and on the country’s overall compliance in accordance with provision 8.3.of the EITI Standard.It also presents an overview of the country overall status.The Validation Report and initial data collection provide the background on how each requirement was assessed.

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This will include: a detailed desk review of the relevant documentation for each requirement and the Secretariat’s initial assessment of each requirement, a risk-based approach for spot checks, and further consultations with stakeholders.