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Posted by / 13-May-2017 01:43

Updating the schema

Updating your Active Directory Schema is something that needs to be done from time to time whether we like it or not.

It is done to either support a new version of the OS Domain controller or because an AD integrated application such as Exchange, Skype for Business or SCCM requires the update.

* The IDatabase Schema Validator has been changed to ISchema Validator in 10.4.0 and later versions.

* The Connection String Settings has been changed in to Connection String Options in 10.4.0 and later versions.

This error may result if you are logged into Windows® as a non-Administrator.

Users not being able to login to their computers can have major impacts to the business and productivity loss can cost lost dollars.

A non-working heart can be almost paralyzing for some businesses.

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When the site starts, it compares the assembly version and the database version.