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Updating older california homes

If the buyer or his or her agent solicits the contract then the contract is not void.

SB 320 (Petris (7)): SB 320 provides a safeguard for homeowners, mostly elderly and minority, targeted by unscrupulous contractors and loan brokers who convince homeowners to purchase home repairs or services by taking a loan against the home.

The bill authorizes local boards of supervisors to pass a resolution to require the county recorder to collect an additional .00 fee at the time of recording of every real estate instrument.

Collected fees go into the Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Trust Fund for that county.

The Trust Fund Committee distributes the funds to district attorneys and local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of determining, investigating, and prosecuting real estate fraud crimes.

While these advances will not eliminate the problem completely, they are essential tools for combating home equity lending fraud and abuse in California.

In this section we will discuss positive changes to help protect California’s most vulnerable homeowners from becoming victims to abusive lending practices.

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Part II of this report Part III of this report Conclusion PART I WHAT’ S NEW Home equity lending abuse and fraud continues to be a problem for California homeowners.