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Use the following procedure to view links or to refresh them when the structures of the linked tables have changed.

You can make some changes to the definitions of linked tables to customize them for use in your Access 2010 environment.

It is easy to unlink tables that are linked to your Access database. Unlinking the table does not delete the table; it simply removes the link from your table list in the Navigation pane.

In the Navigation pane, simply select the table you want to unlink and then press the Delete key or click the Delete command in the Records group on the Home tab on the ribbon. Note: If you click the Cut command in the Clipboard group on the Home tab of the ribbon to unlink a table, Access does not display the confirmation message.

If you move some or all of your linked tables to a different location, you must either delete your linked tables and relink them or update the location information before you can open the tables.

Up to now, I have had pretty straightforward forms that basically relate to one table.

Is there a script, macro, or command line option I can use to do this? So I ran a query, changed a record in the database, ran the query again and the data was updated. What happened was when I originally created the database I had imported the data, then ended up doing some research and creating linked tables instead and deleting the original tables.

I did a compact and repair and now the MDB file is small.

However, if the design of the table in the source database changes, you must relink the table to Access.

You must also unlink and relink any table if your user ID or your password changes.

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You can also give any linked table a new name for use within your Access database (although the table's original name remains unchanged in the source database) to help you better identify the table or to enable you to use the table with the queries, forms, and reports that you've already designed.

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