Updating fedora core

Posted by / 18-Jan-2017 07:54

I took the time on friday to try out the yum update and it worked swimmingly. I ran pybackpack and duplicity and backed up all my stuff to remote 1.

For Australian Access Grids, it is recommended to use the Aarnet Fedora Mirror.It appears that you are using Fedora 12, which is quite outdated.Your best course of action is likely to upgrade to the latest version of Fedora first, then you will have a more recent version of GCC available (4.7.2).This means that the template will use about twice as much space as is really necessary after upgrading.is referring to the latest version of the RPM (binary package) for the version of Fedora.

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Thankfully That left a few duplicate devel packages the first time, so I ran it again.

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