Updating bios in ubuntu

Posted by / 27-Aug-2017 01:44

Note: Before SATA 3.1 all TRIM commands were synchronous, so continuous trimming would produce frequent system freezes.In this case, applying #Periodic TRIM less often is better alternative.For the Intel DH67CL/BL motherboard, for example, the motherboard has to be set to "maintenance mode" by a physical jumper to access the settings (see [5], [6]).If you intend to erase the SSD, see Securely wipe disk#hdparm and #SSD memory cell clearing below.A techspot article shows performance benchmark examples of before and after filling an SSD with data.

See Securely wipe disk#Flash memory for further information and examples to perform a wipe.

If you intend to set a password to a "frozen" device yourself, a motherboard BIOS with support for it is required.

A lot of notebooks have support, because it is required for hardware encryption, but support may not be trivial for a desktop/server board.

lvremove, lvreduce, etc)" (see Warning: The discard option allows discard requests to be passed through the encrypted block device.

This improves performance on SSD storage but has security implications.

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