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The Excel file has a very specific format that is required, so CSV wouldn’t cut it.Timer jobs could not be used as the environment had to work like Office 365 (sandboxed code only). Promote fields to list properties and export to Excel from the list.With structured references, all you need to know is English to make a calculated column.The beauty of calculated columns in table is that, when you write formula in one cell, excel automatically fills the formula in the rest of cells in that column. The ability to summarize data with pivot tables is extended to excel tables as well.

Discarded due to concurrency risks on the Excel file.

Excel 2007 has some great pre-defined table formatting options.

Just select any cell in your table and change the table formatting by going to “format as table” button in the home ribbon.

Excel table is a series of rows and columns with related data that is managed independently. Excel will take care of everything thus making you a Data God.

Excel tables, (known as lists in excel 2003) is a very powerful and supercool feature that you must learn if your work involves handling tables of data. Table is your way of telling excel, “look, all this data from A1 to E25 is related. To create an excel table, all you have to do is select a range of cells and press the table button from Insert ribbon in Excel 2007.

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That is where Pivot tables come in to picture [pivot table tutorial]. Just click a button and your table goes to pivot table.

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