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"Young adults between the ages of 18-24, who receive MMIC/AHCCCS may be eligible for treatment services, up to a 90-day IOP, at no cost.We have specialized programming available for those who identify as LGBTQ or a supportive ally.

In January this year, the International Olympic Committee changed its rules for transgender female athletes.

When I asked Harper about whether a man’s muscle mass reduces to the same level after hormone treatment as a female’s, she said:“Testosterone level responds completely.

Most transgender women will have lower testosterone levels than cisgender women. Muscle mass is a responder, but not a complete responder.

“I can walk away from El Tour and know I am completely in line with what doctors set forth for the International Olympic Committee.

I want an honest win.”It turns out she has been an excellent research subject for Joanna Harper, a physicist who is transgender and has been studying the performance of transgender females as compared to their previous male selves and women who were born physically female.

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She has had extensive cosmetic treatments and body modification, including facial tattooing and 'horns' on her forehead (pictured)Now going by the full name Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa - or Tiamat for short, the name of a dragon video game character - she has taken on several personas over the years and undergone multiple stages of transformations before finally settling on becoming a dragon.