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but really, people who are scared of a girl with a healthy sexual appetite have probably got their own issues to deal with You're certainly not going to get anywhere in your mission if you're sitting in a corner sipping your G&T and acting all coy.

There comes a time in a woman's life she's got to take control and go out there and get what she wants, when she sees what she wants.

I'm moving to a new city this week, and unfortunately, losing a good fuckbuddy in the process.

And due to some current medication "issues" my sex drive is just absolutely through the roof, and masturbation just isn't cutting it!!! ) What's the best way to find someone who you can hook up with without any kind of expectation or pressure?

If I came across the right person, I'd have no real reservations about casually dating, but I highly doubt that's gonna happen. Basically, I just gotta get that lust issue taken care of from time to time to keep myself from going crazy, but I'd prefer to take care of things with a friend and not some random person off the street.... If you are looking for casual sex with no-strings, then maybe you could give it a shot.

You can usually see a pic of the person (although can sometimes be deceiving ) and chat online before hooking up.

Gay guys and straight girls feel free to throw in your two cents as well!!!

You say "sorry, just thought I'd ask" and pleasantly go on your way. I mean think about it; out of every 10 people you like, at least 8 of them are going to have something else going on, it's a numbers game. I really don't understand how it can possibly take you long to find a lover..Try & be careful if you use this method; keep in mind that there are ppl with twisted minds out there But i guess that is a risk you take with any new person you meet - whether it be online, in a club...etc. ~pharm_friendly~ Goodness me, why aren't you in Australia?Um, sounds like to me the main block to your success is simply fear of appearing "slutty".That way you might not come across so strong, and you both know what you want out of the meet before you actually meet.Just do a search in google for 'online dating' or something along those lines.

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  1. The ones they open are the “purple cows” of the bunch. The following examples worked well for me because they stood out in front of the competition, humored women, and met the criterion listed above…