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Behind the pale lemon-yellow walls of Susan Mayer’s house, her ex-husband sits at the kitchen table, eating cake and gloating at the angry confrontation he has engineered between Mike the plumber and Susan’s current flame, Dr. As cast and crew members watch, Teri Hatcher careens frantically down Susan’s front walk in a wheelchair, which then tips over and dumps her onto the street.

Again and again, through innumerable rehearsals and countless takes while the cameras are rolling, Hatcher—a tiny woman whose pencil-thin arms and legs make her look like a matchstick doll even when she’s not sprawled on the ground—tumbles out of the wheelchair, repeatedly scraping her knees and bruising her elbows while assuring everyone she’s absolutely fine.

Although they have shaped her entire life in profoundly damaging ways, she has concealed them with ferocious determination.

But once we start talking, the waterworks begin—and now the secrets that have caused her such shame for so long are all ready to pour out.

” she calls out in the middle of a scene on Valentine’s Day.

“I wouldn’t talk about it if I was, and he wouldn’t either, which is basically some version of saying, ‘No comment.’ ”By mid-February, however, she is confiding to me that a recent romantic adventure has evaporated.The makeup man will have his work cut out for him today.For weeks it’s been clear that Hatcher is having a hard time; more tremulous even than the excruciatingly vulnerable Susan Mayer, she cries at the drop of a hat and often seems emotionally flayed, stripped of every protective covering until she’s nothing but exposed nerve endings. “I’m a woman who carries around all these layers of fear and vulnerability.But this is where the appearance of wholesome normality is never to be trusted.At the moment, Hatcher’s life seems to be a smashing success story: a self-proclaimed has-been when the show unexpectedly catapulted to the top of the ratings heap last season, she emerged as the breakout star of an ensemble cast and won a fistful of awards to prove it.

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He charmed, he conquered, he said, “I’ll call you,” and—! I thought there must be something in there about a guy who does this to you, and here it is—a whole chapter on guys who disappear! His silence is a deafening “See you later.” The only reason to ever write him again is to give him the chance to say it louder.’ Oh my god! ”She buries her face in her hands for a moment, and then gives up on the face mask, which is now full of tears.

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