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Teen dating 90 s

Though she's a ray of sunshine whenever she's getting her own way, things change for Cher when her newly college-educated stepbrother returns home and starts making her feel guilty about her vapid lifestyle.

In typical fashion, a convenient transfer student appears, and Cher decides to take the girl under her wing and improve her life by molding her into a model member of her clique.

Overdressed popularity queens are usually the villains of teen movies.

Part of what makes is a great movie about the importance of not judging people at first glance.

The perils of popularity, the anxieties of sex and dating, and the dangers of stepping outside the status quo were all subjects these films explored (the relatable stuff, right? Some '90s movies for teen girls, like , even discovered funny, heartfelt ways of exploring important social issues like race and sexual identity.

Shes worried that her father won't get a chance to be with her mother again.

Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gabrielle Union, Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Allison Janney, more Initial Release: 1999 Directed by: Gil Junger Rated: PG-13 (USA)Also Ranked #48 on The Funniest '90s Movies #36 on Movies with the Best Soundtracks #20 on The Best Movies of 1999 #28 on The Best Movies for Young Girls is a movie about how great conformity is, and how much it totally sucks to be an individual.

It also epitomizes the head desk movie cliche of a "nerdy" female lead being instantly transformed into a knockout by removing her glasses and applying some lip gloss.

This movie was pretty much the highlight of Balk's career, unfortunately, but her performance is amazing, and it remains one of the most iconic of the decade.

No woman has ever done so much singlehandedly to spike purple lipstick sales, arouse hidden sapphic desires, and encourage irresponsible dabbling in the occult.

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This movie stars Julia Stiles and Larisa Oleynik, who, at the time, was most recognizable as the star of Nickelodeon's weird sci-fi show, .

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