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But a victim-centered approach to trafficking requires us equally to address the "three Rs" rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration.The law that guides these efforts, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (TVPA), makes clear from its first sentence that the purpose of combating human trafficking is to ensure just and effective punishment of traffickers, to protect their victims, and to prevent trafficking.Such an assessment could trigger the withholding of non-humanitarian, non-trade-related assistance from the United States to that country.In assessing foreign governments efforts, the TIP Report highlights the "three Ps" prosecution, protection, and prevention.La trata de personas no es otra cosa que una forma moderna de esclavitud, dijo la secretaria de Estado de los EE. Condoleezza Rice el 3 de junio de 2005, en declaraciones sobre la quinta edicin del informe del Departamento de Estado sobre Trata de Personas. President Bush, the Congress, and the American people are united in efforts to eradicate trafficking in persons internationally and within national borders because this global crime opposes the universal value of freedom.Cuando se public el informe, ste indic que 800.000 personas son vctimas anuales de la trata de personas en el mundo. This fifth annual Trafficking in Persons Report, along with the million* in anti-trafficking assistance our nation provided to foreign governments and non-government organizations last year, demonstrates our strong commitment to this cause.We also expanded our coverage of labor slavery, especially internal labor trafficking.Forced labor and involuntary servitude are appallingly common, including whole villages working to pay off old debts passed down through generations.

Este ao hemos incluido en el informe ms evaluaciones de pases, como consecuencia de investigaciones ms detenidas y de una mayor diversidad de fuentes.Three months later they went to visit a fishing village.Her husband rented a room in what Neary thought was a guest house.It disturbs me so much that I inflicted death on other people.When I go home I must do some traditional rites because I have killed. I still dream about the boy from my village whom I killed.

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I see him in my dreams, and he is talking to me, saying I killed him for nothing, and I am crying." The 2005 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report: Its Purpose.