Spencer garrett dating Pissen chat

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She and Noel are dating, and it's kind of sexy but mostly unnerving.

Another one of the girls' morally ambiguous frenemies, Lucas has gotten a lot creepier over the past couple years.

Emily's girlfriend Paige seemed like bad news for a long time.

(And OK, with good reason — she totally tried to drown Emily once.) Turns out Mona and Toby were trying to frame her for Maya's murder.

Right now, let's just assume she's seriously deceased.

Garrett studied video production at university and initially intended to be a games journalist.His early You Tube work consisted of "Let's Play" videos which he made for his own amusement.When he noticed that his primary audience was children, he reoriented his work to be family-friendly.Noel has basically dated every girl on this show — and who can blame them? He's currently with Jenna and doesn't seem to be directly involved with "A." For a while it looked like he had something to do with Maya's murder, but we eventually learned that he was just her weed dealer.Jason is Ali's brother and Spencer's half-brother (awkward).

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She's still taking orders from "A" and has enlisted Toby in her evil plans. Toby's step-sister (and former lover), Jenna is sometimes good and sometimes bad — she's probably not all the way evil, though.