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Speed dating perth

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Australian Ashes cricket star Nathan Lyon is at the centre of a love triangle as Mail Online can reveal he is in a year-long relationship with a glamorous blonde that has 'devastated' the mother of his two children.

Ms Waring's public displays of support for Lyon on social media and family snapshots had suggested the relationship was ongoing.

Her profile on both Facebook and Instagram feature her with Lyon and her pages are peppered with references to Lyon as 'daddy', 'our man' and 'our world'.

But, in a war of words, former nanny Ms Waring's friends say she has been left 'completely blindsided' by the news as she was pictured yesterday looking upset as she spoke on a mobile phone.

The cricketer's own father appeared to be oblivious of any ruptures in his high profile son's personal life and assumed he was still in a relationship with Ms Waring.

The 30-year-old off spin bowler was pictured passionately kissing his new love Emma Mc Carthy in the lead up to the crucial Third Ashes test in Perth, Western Australia.

Friends say Lyon's relationship with Melissa Waring, his partner of ten years, is over and that he is 'very much in love' with Miss Mc Carthy, who he flew in to see ahead of his international teammates while his partner stayed at home in Sydney looking after their two young daughters.

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'Speaking outside her home in Port Hacking, south Sydney, an emotional Ms Waring said she had been informed by Cricket Australia about the pictures of him and Miss Mc Carthy.

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