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While the 912 was no doubt a wonderful car to drive, customers .....

The Packard 8th Series made its debut on August 14, 1931 at a time when the automaker was beginning to face serious competition from its cross-town rivals at Cadillac. In the late 1960s Porsche was in need of a fresh new entry-level sports car to attract young buyers to their showrooms and bolster sales.Italy in the late 1960s was a hotbed of creative energy in the automobile industry.A group of ambitious young engineers at Lamborghini caused a stir with the introduction of the radical, mid-engine Miura, .....Some of historys truly great automobiles have been born from engineers working off the clock, building experimental projects far from the prying eyes of company brass and the meddling of the accounting .....Rolls-Royce had experienced a major shift of philosophy in the post-war years.

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Lelands company had already established itself as a leader in innovation, mechanical sophistication and luxurious quality. Brooks Stevens is one of Americas great industrial design masters.