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Other things that probably increase risk are giving out very personal or sexually oriented information, looking for romantic relationships online, and inviting contact from lots of people3.

Research suggests that personal web pages are not in themselves dangerous3.

Rather, the danger is when young people use these vehicles to portray themselves as interested in sex, romance, risk-taking, and open to interacting with people they don’t know.

It is useful to remind young people that many things they post for their friends may end up being viewed by others, and can prompt contact that could become a problem.

The reason is that most young people (like most adults) do give out personal information. A warning that is so broad and runs counter to such common practices is not likely to make young people trust the source of such advice.

Research says that talking about sex online with strangers is a big risk factor for encountering problems3.

Research suggests that teenagers are the primary victims of Internet sex crimes and that common teenage vulnerabilities – interest in sex, romance, adventure, independence – are what gets them in trouble3.According to research looking at crimes ending in arrest, violence occurred in only 5% of cases.In most encounters, victims meet offenders voluntarily and expect sexual activity, because they feel love or affection for the person they have been corresponding with.But some of the information in their lectures, pamphlets, videos, and web sites does not reflect what researchers have learned about the important features of these crimes.Here are suggestions of how to make Internet safety education materials more consistent with current research.

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