Sissy dating

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Sissy dating

Sissy is a 12 year-old girl who's a rival of Johnny who's younger than her, and she is much smarter than him.

Johnny also seems to have a crush on her, but he doesn't hide it as well as her, although he doesn't show it because he mocks her and makes fun of her (e.g., when Johnny refused Dukey's claim that he actually likes Sissy by announcing that he hates Sissy, Dukey told him, "At your age, Johnny, it's the same thing").

Also, I'd take the diamonds and haul ass outta there. KANBEKDNFIEISYUEHE *snicker* dasfunny Anyway..never been on servers but i hope If i ever am this never happens ;_; i'd be so Scared espically since you wouldnt know their age Excuse me? Avelynne didn't want anything to do with this and you don't know the whole story. and apparently she is about in her 20-30's and she has a son/daughter and they have a kid.... I met someone on a well-maintained Minecraft RP server. However, I just don't suggest minecraft dating because there are so many creeps out there. Naming members or even alluding to them is classed as blacklisting and is not allowed on PMC.

She's one of my best friends so I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything insulting towards her. :)And I actually do have a life, thank you very much. I don't appreciate you commenting on this either, if you have a comment please PM me, don't make it public. I was super creeped out by that, but my computer stuffed up and I couldn't disconnect, so I kept drinking invisibility potions until I could disconnect. This blog isn't so much to say that you should never date on minecraft (but I still don't suggest it) but to tell people how it isn't safe. Submission Rulesthen you would say that you would need to go to spawn, cause you are saying : what you shouldn't do : don't go to spawn.

Other people don't really need to read drama like this. On a creative/survival surver I used to go on, a moderator spawned everyone into his house and he forced a male and a female into a box/chamber.. Fayul : P just something you have to think about, always think before you do that cause some people may get mad if you try to correct but it is wrong.

The daughter of a circus clown, Sissy (“learned in childish lore”) embodies the virtues of imagination, and will eventually use it as force to gently wear down Mr.

Feel free to follow up in comments or by message if this is something you want to talk through with me.

Elisabeth "Sissy" Blakley is Johnny's on/off romantic antagonist.

I was doing what I normally do and I was asked "Hey, do you have a boyfriend." I was a little annoyed by the question because, 1. I mentally noted never to say no to having a boyfriend on the internet. He was being very suggestive most of the time and I honestly just wanted him to go away. Guy 2 technically never asked me out to begin with, but he offered me a diamond on Minecraft as a ring, and hey, who was I not to accept a diamond on Minecraft?!

However, I didn't really get taken back by the question, and I answered "No, why," because what 10 year old has a boyfriend, and why are you asking me this, like seriously. He had her Skype and stuff, and would talk with her all night. He was always creepy and not very fun to hang out with, despite his beliefs.

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We never did get to have our wedding, though, because the day/time was never scheduled since the server that we were using to contact everyone on -- my favorite server -- shut down. Not for flirting with players, but for cheating on him. His IGN was similar to ketchup, apparently this girl was obsessed with ketchup, so she was "turned on" by his IGN.

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