Single boys for dating in bangalore

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Single boys for dating in bangalore

That he would be quite old himself for a 35-year-old be damned.

And never mind that modern medical advances now make it possible for women who are 40-plus (even 60-plus) to easily bear children (if they want to).

My friend and I retired from the match-making scene with as much dignity as we could muster.

Fingers can be burnt and feelings bruised (or more) in this business.

Then he confessed he had always fantasised about being with an older woman.

Since I was not looking to fulfill someone's fantasy, that was the end of that,” she shrugs. “One day, I was on the site and a chap (his profile said he was a businessman), messaged me asking: “At your age, can you still have children? Supriya is realistic about her expectations from the apps. On the whole, the men I've chatted with so far have been upfront [one even admitted he was still married though in the process of getting a divorce].

Does this mean that even in an era of mushrooming dating apps, elite matrimonial websites, and singles-only networks, when it comes to marriage or “settling down” as we so quaintly term it, age matters? To find out, I asked some random friends and their friends — single, eligible men and women in the 29 to 40-plus age group.

While Supriya hopes for marriage and not mere flings, on her profile she states that she is open to meeting men four years younger or older.

Hookups versus Happiness Saina Jayapal, (36) an independent public relations consultant and food photographer, also has many women friends who use the apps.

“The apps do help my gal pals hook up with random guys, but trust me, all of them are, in reality, looking for that elusive thing called happiness,” she says.

Cougars and sugar daddies are the norm, if you go by breathless reports across various media/sites.

And it is true that urban women have overwhelmingly embraced the apps.

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I had to gently tell her there was nothing I could do. But we were told there was something to be considered first. Turned out, R wanted someone younger, a woman in the 35-36 age group, to be more exact. “He is very keen on having children,” my friend was told.

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