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A few years later a man called him to say he saw five Bigfoot in the same orchard across from his house.'What are the odds of three people, three different families, who don't know each other, within a radius of 2 to 3 miles, come and tell me what they witness, and it matches up,' Gonzalez said.'I believe there are a lot more people out there who have seen things and are keeping it inside themselves.

Gonzalez said there had been two other sightings (one of which is pictured above) in the same area He said he believes it was the legendary Bigfoot.

The Orchard has canceled Thursday’s New York premiere of Louis C.

K.‘s controversial new film “I Love You, Daddy.” “Due to unexpected circumstances, tonight’s event for ‘I Love You, Daddy’ has been cancelled,” the distribution company said in an email.

The New York Times is understood to be working on a story about C. and allegations of sexual harassment, so the cancellation could be a precautionary measure.

The black-and-white film, written and directed by and starring C.

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Gonzalez also says he has what he describes as a footprint mold belonging to a Bigfoot from the orchard.

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