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Meanwhile, Rebecca and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) are cyberstalking Josh’s internet feed, but don’t want each other or Heather (Vella Lovell) to know what they’re doing.

They see images of his new girlfriend Anna and exclaim in unison “Oh my God, Josh has a girlfriend!

If anyone should apologize first it should be Paula since she was the one who came to her party and insulted everyone.

Paula says she knows they are in a bad place right now, but she can’t focus on that because she has a big paper due.

She asks Sunil what time is it and realizes that she’s late for Scott’s show, but tries to assure herself “I can make it.” As the quartet sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” Paula rushes in but unfortunately arrives at the end of the encore. Rebecca erases the footage of them hitting the cat.

But since she and Valencia are there, they might as well see if they can find footage of Anna’s drug activities.

” Valencia recognizes Anna as the woman who does all the famous people’s eyebrows at her shop.

Rebecca later tells Paula that she knows that Paula wants her to apologize first.

Rebecca offers to drive Anna and Gravy to the hospital.

At the hospital, Rebecca and Valencia (They tell Anna their names are Madge and Allegra) help Anna fill out the hospital’s paperwork.

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Unfortunately, while on their way, Rebecca pulls out and ends up hitting poor Gravy (Anna’s cat) with her car! ” an upset Anna asks when she comes out of her shop.

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