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The Agro app allows them to visit a client, complete an inspection report, hold the sale of products then move to the next client knowing that all paperwork is done and sent by the time they drive out the gate.

Mobi Gage NDI Mobi Gage is a metrology i Phone application used for the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies.

Preebs Preebs aims to make the commute to work more rewarding by providing coupons and games, and allowing users to customise the billboards they pass on their way to work. Barcelona vs Madrid A dubious-looking football game that claims to let players re-enact El Clasico.

It claims to have "the most realistic graphics and simulation," but reviewers describe it as "pointless".

Biz Jet Mobile claims to make its connection directly via the “existing” aircraft satellite link and routes the calls and data outside of the cellular roaming network, so there are no roaming charges.

Water Globe A set of virtual snow globes that allow the user to churn up white snowflakes using their finger, or by shaking and tilting the screen. G-Map US West G-map claims to be the first voice-prompted turn-by-turn GPS navigation software available for i Phone and i Pod Touch.

It also tells you the perfect time to meet the opposite sex.

The assessment is apparently based on the pressure and temperature of your finger - neither of which the i Phone can actually measure.

Ignition An app that works with Log Me In software to provide remote access to computers, files and applications.The highest price that any developer can charge for an app on the i OS App Store is 9.99 (£638).When the App Store first opened, a number of novelty apps were launched aimed at people with more money than sense.The remaining 12 apps decrease rapidly in cost, (and some would say value), with the last on the list costing just .99. Members receive full VIP treatment at all i VIP partner venues worldwide, and the i VIP Concierge is available to serve their every need.Applicants are required to certify they are "high net worth individuals" with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million.

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The Professional Chef This app teaches you to cook like the pros without ever leaving your kitchen table.