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En cambio, un discurso de competencia y ciudadanı́a reflejarı́a más adecuadamente el verdadero comportamiento sexual de los jóvenes, y plantearı́a nuevos retos para la educación sexual.

What's more, Mojang's version of the JRE only installs the bits that are needed to run Minecraft.According to a Reddit post by Minecraft developer "Dinnerbone," taking charge of Minecraft players' Java installs will help Mojang ensure that the game runs as well as possible on everybody's systems."A really, really big percentage of our players use 32-bit java on 64-bit machines, and they don't even know," Dinnerbone wrote.In contrast, a discourse of competence and citizenship would more adequately reflect the actual sexual behaviour of youth, and raises new challenges for sexuality education.Information should be available to youth concerning different sexualities, respecting the spectrum of diversity.

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Los medios de comunicación populares dirigidos a los jóvenes desempeñan un papel de particular relevancia al respecto.

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