San diego lesbian dating

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San diego lesbian dating

Bisexuals in San Diego have a place to meet up and probably don’t even know it.

It’s called Bi Bar, and organizer Dennis Slade says it’s a group that, “celebrates the positive aspects of being able to love people no matter what their gender is.”With all that’s going on around the country with RFRA laws and other bills that marginalize LGBT people, it’s nice to know that San Diego is a diverse and accepting city.

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We discuss whatever's on our minds, or how it is to navigate life as bi, pan, fluid people, or ‘who's hot and who's not’ irrespective of their genders,” he said.

“Often we get Bi Bar attendees who have never been in a group of people like themselves, and in this space they can be open about being attracted to males and/or females and/or trans-people - with no judgment and no repercussions.” It’s free to join the Bi Bar group, you simply need to sign up at the Meetups site.

Slade says the group has little-to-no expectations for new members other than that they be respectful to the diversity of the party.

“We ask that people show up when they RSVP,” Slade explains, “that they tip well when they pay for their food and drink, and that they be tolerant and respectful of everyone else who attends.

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Anyone can join Bi Bar as long as they are 18 or over.