Rules for dating for women

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There are two schools of thought: tell her right away or wait as long as possible. Some girls find it difficult to cum with a new guy.

I do both, depending upon the personality of the girl. Instead just ensure you are giving her pleasure, not just making her pleasure you all the time. I talk about what I like and ask them what they like.

You shouldn’t be treating the women you are dating as your best friend or someone you discuss all your problems with.

Remain somewhat aloof and mysterious to maintain attraction, certainly in the initial phases of dating.

Many guys dream of dating multiple women, but few achieve it.

It might be because they want the sexual variety or because they are searching for a girlfriend and need to date a lot of people to find out what qualities they like in a women.

Leave small items such as hair bands or clips in places she can see them.

Date multiple women correctly and you can enjoy a life of variety and freedom, without anyone getting hurt.In fact, done right, dating multiple women results in less drama than conventional monogamous relationships because cheating is impossible, both parties understand the arrangement, and are not so invested they can’t walk away if things deteriorate.When dating multiple women you have to give off a Lover vibe, not a Provider/Boyfriend or Friend vibe (see The Three Types of Men in Her World).As you become more involved with her, you can slowly reveal more about yourself and let the relationship grow. This one is down to your personal preference and personality.Keep texting to a minimum between dates and don’t buy women gifts. Don’t take her on expensive dates, or be overly affectionate in public (at least for a couple of months). I’ve not had a problem with women sleeping over, but I do accept it can indicate a reasonable level of intent if not handled correctly.

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She can create plausible deniability in her mind, allowing her to keep seeing you.

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