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Romany gypsy dating site

Usually the people that leave this mess are not classed as real Gyspies they are classed as travellers.Which is slightly different because they will have different views and values. The thing that seems to shock people the most is how spotless Gypsies are Because they associate them with the travellers that leave destruction and who ARE NOT clean.Gypsies have great family values and really are genuinely nice people who would do you a good turn before a bad turn...Not so long ago Gypsies got ripped to shreds on here and to be honest I hope this programme changes a few I wonder how they enjoy their day while dragging around 20 stone of dress!?Each to their own though Well i have never known anything about there values ther are a few gypsys in my area who have caused trouble in the past and there was a few at school who were ok.And a woman stepped out of the caravan and she weas a proper WAG!!lol Bleach blonde long hair, fake tan, fake nails etc. Well i have never known anything about there values ther are a few gypsys in my area who have caused trouble in the past and there was a few at school who were ok.

I think this show is going to show people alot more of the Gypsy life and values and hopefully more people will have slightly more respect for them instead of the usual "stories" and "views".

My grandads not here anymore but his brother used to have an horse cart in his back garden used to love playing on it as a child x I personally know that sometimes when travellers stop for a while people who live in houses take advantage and dump their rubbish near to the travellers and let them take the blame!

Some local authorities charge at skip sites so it's cheaper to fly tip. From our boys being tiny we've told them that everyone is different and everyone is i find the program adictive viewing lol. And as for the little girl in the holy communion dress ...........poor girl couldnt walk in it! I am proud to say that My best friend Is a Traveller (gypsy) she lives on a permant site Pays rent to the council to stay there, council tax, water rates, Electric is on a meter and buys bottled gas. Almost all of the Traveller women stay at home and clean, clean, clean there is no way I would describe them as being Dirty for a young age the Girls are brought up to clean and that is there main job.

You ask anyone about a Gyspy and there will say something Bad about them unless you really know one. You said about the grabbing the boy on the tv did, If the father of the girl who he did it to seen it he would have good mad, May have been a play to the cameras All I can say that you will find it very had to become a traveller if you are not born a traveller. The gold and cars etc are their "savings" most Gypsy families no longer travel but people do confuse Gypsies with Travellers.

Thought communion dress was like an old fashioned toilet roll holder Thought he 'grabbing' thing was terrifying.

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I dont really know why as my mum was a working mum, perhaps comes from been looked after by grand parents while she and dad was at work maybe.