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Rebel life dating

The crowd was literally buying Levant’s twin message against politicians and media.

When staff and volunteers roamed the aisles with empty cardboard buckets and their commander asked for donations to defray the event’s costs (room rental, security, travel from Toronto for Levant and crew), loyalists rapidly filled the buckets with dollar bills.

Attendees obliged, some swinging around to direct their boos at reporters.

But no one can lead a media hate-in like the rally’s host, who also happened to be the lone media executive in attendance.

Mostly 20s, some 50s, from an audience thick with unemployed or barely-working Albertans.

Helpers had to empty full buckets to collect from more fans reaching out with outstretched fistfuls of dollars.

While the Sun News bid to create a Canadian version of Fox News was an utter flop, Levant has thrived with Breitbart North.

He’s followed the formula that has made a major hit in the United States: caustic conservatism, treating Muslim immigration as a ticking bomb, endless pokes at anything they can brand political correctness, and unremitting support of Trump—while : “being anti-media media.

They brandished signs, mostly against the NDP, but many questioning the reality of human-caused climate change.

They’re against the Media Party too.” That’s a term he coined to deride Canada’s mainstream media as too liberal and chummy.

Levant’s own enterprise does it differently (for Canada, at least), complete with petitions, rallies and modified Trump slogans on toques.

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The online-only has gone from You Tube videos in his living room to a growing team of 28 daily employees plus contributors in the two years since Levant launched it immediately after the demise of Sun News Network and his nightly cable show.

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