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Maddon-Kersing (I am mad and cursing)."From Christiana Hundley: "I saw your list and I have to add Dr.He would get audibly frustrated (over the police radio) if anyone said his name too fast.We have no control over the content of these pages.has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.I used to hate my name but now I embrace it, and it's fun to have a funny name if you have a good sense of humor.He wasn't amused."From Cynthia Purdy: "I know a girl named Isabelle-Marie Maddon.

I play guitar but I’m not a great singer so I couldn’t front a band.

He has his reasons: presumed dead in the American War of Independence after being conscripted for brawling, Poldark returns home to find his father deceased, the family estate in penury and the love of his life betrothed to his cousin.

It’s another cad role for Farthing, after his recent appearance in The Riot Club.

He swore it was genuinely his birth name, and added that his father's name was 'A.

Current, and they rectified the situation.'"From Becky Friday: "I have a couple actual names for you from the area where I live (Bay City, Michigan): Lester and Esther Festerling (married couple), Rusty and Sandy Pyles (married couple), Sonny & Rosie Holes (married couple), Weiner & Cox Law Firm (Detroit).

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I played a lot of snooker [but] the thought of turning professional seemed way more far-fetched than trying to be an actor.