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So much the worse for him, but his delusions also cause him to poison the minds of children, and that is not all right with either me or Nye.It’s simply wrong to teach creationism to children, for that is teaching them lies, and I fault Nye a bit for helping the Creation Museum raise funds by participating in this debate.”My advice to Nye is this: keep talking and writing about evolution, but not in a debate format.You’re charismatic, funny, and, most important, have the truth on your side.And there was a lot of blind faith on display at the Creation Museum on Tuesday night.

Those glitches and missed opportunities were probably visible only to scientists, though. That’s not just the opinion of a biased scientist, but also of religionists.

Nye, “the science guy,” plays by the rules of the scientific method and accepts the fundamental principle of biology: evolution by natural selection.

Ham fabricates elaborate tales about Adam and Eve coexisting with vegetarian ceratosauruses in the Garden of Eden.

When you make up your own rules, you can always win the game—and no one is better at making up rules than Ken Ham.

In the course of constructing his now-crumbling creationist empire, Ham has created an alternate reality in which humans hunted dinosaurs to extinction a few thousand years ago after peacefully using them for transport and companionship.

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Creationists begin with their conclusion—the text of Genesis is the literal history of the world—then work backward to find their justifications.