Queer girl dating advice

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Black women’s bodies have long been seen as disposable.

When they are being spotlighted by white folks it is in a fetishized manner.

How fatherhood is entrapment, that “these hoes ain’t loyal.” The cycle goes on, and the white supremacist system wins.

I was recently talking to one of my good friends, a femme QPOC about our attraction to white women and how as we got older, and more “woke” our distaste with much of the queer white community grows.

Black women are either high sex or the help, not the CEO, the lawyer, or the banker.

If they’re a mother, it’s probably of multiple babies, all of whom have different daddies.

Maybe it is in spite of them that I seek out white women.

As I scream Black Lives Matter on the streets, the phone I hold in my hand is illuminated with a notification: a text from a white girl. The chauvinist in them that insists on opening doors for women quickly devolves into the pompous racist who lets doors slam in my face.

I had experienced similar while living in Oakland and dating politically righteous unapologetically Black femmes.

They refuse to move for me (and mostly everyone else) on the train.

Eyes that turn from longing to anger when they see who she is with: me.

And so, we had made a commitment to start actively trying to date more POC.

She had just been on a date with an entrepreneur; a highly accomplished Black woman who had her own business was seemingly brilliant, breathtaking, and cool as fuck.

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When we date POC as POC we are in many ways confronting ourselves. We are magnifying our own personally strengths and our flaws.

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