Punk speed dating

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Punk speed dating

I was looking explore the world of co-writing and writing for other artists when a friend connected me to the New York team.

Andy Seltzer: I think I had randomly signed my pop-punk band up in high school when I was 16 without knowing what the company truly did.

Becoming a member of a PRO seemed as good of a first step as any.

RICHIESo I had dope time chatting this morning with Jason Aalon , founding member and vocalist of LA based post-hardcore band letlive.

Today's interview quickly got interesting, as Jason talked about society, and growing up mixed race in America and indeed what that experience was like in the hardcore scene, which, for all it's often progressive politics is very white and male dominated.

I showed up with a messenger bag of my college demos, and Brandon, Tim Pattison, Samantha Cox, and Sarah Middough sat with me for hours talking and getting to know me. I consider them family and they’ve been my core and life support in the city ever since!!

What were your expectations when you were asked to participate in ? AS: I was nervous and intimidated imagining myself in a room showcasing my music individually to 10-15 other songwriters, but excited at a new opportunity to meet a new set of writers with a shared goal of keeping the New York City music scene alive.

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