Pros cons dating band member

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Pros cons dating band member

The site was discovered in 1991 by Georgian scientist David Lordkipanidze.Five skulls were excavated from 1991 forward, including a "very complete" skull in 2005.The fossil record shows that its development from about 1.8 mya to one mya was widely distributed: in Africa (Lake Turkana The second hypothesis is that H.erectus evolved in Eurasia and then migrated to Africa.

It was dubbed by the popular press as Java Man; but few scientists accepted Dubois' argument that his fossil was the transitional form—the so-called "missing link"—between apes and humans. This site was first discovered by Johan Gunnar Andersson in 1921 German anatomist Franz Weidenreich provided much of the detailed description of this material in several monographs published in the journal Palaeontologica Sinica (Series D).They occupied the Dmanisi site from 1.85 million to 1.77 million years ago, which was about the same time or slightly before their earliest evidence in Africa.The Dutch anatomist Eugène Dubois was fascinated by Darwin's theory of evolution especially as it applied to humankind.The variation in these skulls were compared to variations in modern humans and within a sample group of chimpanzees.The researchers found that, despite appearances, the variations in the Dmanisi skulls were no greater than those seen among modern people and among chimpanzees.

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