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Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's. History of Ohio Sheriffs Allen County Past Holders of the Sheriff's Office Past sheriffs of Allen County, Ohio 1831 to current. Alliance Police Department History Features a nicely written history of the Alliance, Ohio Police Department and includes lists of past City Marshalls and Police Chiefs from 1872 to present day.

Athens County Past Sheriffs Features a list of past sheriffs who served Athens County between 1805 and present time.

Pike County Past Sheriffs 1815 to present Includes some photos.

Preble County Sheriff's Office History Features a nice history of the Preble County Sheriff's Office, Jail and includes a list of past sheriffs 1808 to present.

Lorain County Sheriff History History of the Sheriff's Office from 1824 to present time.

Lists all past sheriffs with early photos and some old county jail photos.

Delaware County, Ohio Biographical Sheriff History Features biographies and photos of all sheriffs who served Delaware County from 1808 to present time.

Fayette County Sheriff's Office History Includes past sheriffs of Fayette County, Ohio for between years 1811 to present along with photos and history of the sheriff's office.

Highland County Past Sheriffs Sheriffs serving Highland County 1896 to present. List of sheriffs who served in Hocking County, Ohio 1818 to present time.Over 1000 years ago in England, the shire, was formed when groups of hundreds banded together. Just as each hundred was led by a reeve (chief), each shire had a reeve as well.To distinguish the leader of a shire from the leader of a mere hundred, the more powerful official became known as the shire-reeve.The word shire-reeve eventually became the modern word sheriff.Read More Search for past sheriffs in our free directory. If you know of other past sheriffs lists online, please let us know.

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Union County Sheriffs History of past sheriffs 1820 to present day along with historical information about the office of sheriff and the first county jail. Union County Past Sheriffs Located at Genealogy Trails, it features a list of Sheriffs of Union County from 1820 to present day. Features a list of early officials of the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory and the salaries approved per year in 1876.

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