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A secured loan backed by a car or house typically is cheaper, but you can lose the asset if you default on paying it back.

Unless you qualify for a 0% interest balance-transfer credit card, the rates on personal loans are typically cheaper than those on credit cards, and the amounts you can borrow are usually higher.

We reserve the right to deliver periodic statements on paper.

With our E-savings Account, no paper statements will be delivered.

Most personal loans are unsecured, which means they aren’t backed by collateral.

The loan with the lowest APR is the least expensive — and therefore, usually the best choice. Almost all lenders require you to be 18 or older and a legal U. resident with a verifiable bank account, and not be in bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Borrowers with excellent credit and low debt-to-income ratios may qualify for interest rates at the low end of lenders’ ranges.

Someone with poor or average credit may be able to get an unsecured personal loan on the strength of a steady income and low debt levels, but expect rates near the higher end of the range — up to 36%.

Other options for borrowers with bad credit include secured or co-sign personal loans.

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