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Paul banks interpol dating

Whether David Bowie's chameleonic mindfucks in the '70s, Dylan going electric, or Lou Reed's perpetual metamorphoses, rock thrives on persistent flux in self-presentation. As Interpol's frontman, he's largely been a cipher.

While certainly not lacking in charisma, albeit in a steely and often sardonic manner (his dry, wicked sense of humor is largely lost in interviews), he's often polarized and confounded listeners and critics alike.

A band as intimate and claustrophobic as Interpol should not, in theory, work in the wide open spaces. If there hasn't been a progression in their sound per se, there's been a shift in its scale, itself an emulation of their career path.

Our Love to Admire – their first record on a major label – sees them move from a claustrophobic whisper in the ear to a widescreen epic.

She apologises for being late, and tears through a scorching set which punctuates The Gossip's own raw, minimal garage-disco-blues-riot-grrl thing with snatches of "Rehab" ("So much respect for Amy Winehouse"), a self-mockingly gluttonous adaptation of Haddaway's "What Is Love" ("When is lunch?

He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 5.2 years each. Given Name: Paul Julian Banks Age: 39 (5/3/1978)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: Lead singer for the band "Interpol" "He will always be one of my best friends.Banks' first ostensibly solo album found him assuming the alter ego of Julian Plenti.He jettisoned the nom de plume for this semi-eponymous album, Banks, credited to Paul Banks (as was its preceding EP).However Christensen has refused to confirm the pair are a couple.She told People: "I don't talk about my private life, I've learned from all the other very smart artists out there." The 39-year-old model has previously been linked with actors Josh Hartnett and the late Heath Ledger.

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