Parenthood cast members dating

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Parenthood cast members dating

She forgives him for this transgression, despite Adam's refusal to fire Rachel.Kristina initially disapproved of her daughter's relationship with her recovering alcoholic boyfriend, but eventually came around.In season one, it is stated that she has been married to Zeek for 46 years.She is 63 when the series begins, meaning she was about 17 when she married Zeek.As she is shown in other scenes in the finale's final montage, she returns from her trip at some unknown point.Adam Braverman (Peter Krause), age 40 at the beginning of the series, is Kristina's husband and the father of Max, Haddie, and Nora.

She fights it by the season finale, prompting her and Adam to take a well-deserved trip to Hawaii. She also is asked to run Bob Little's campaign for Mayor of Berkeley.

In 2011, Adam and Kristina have their third child, a daughter named Nora.

He is often shown struggling to deal with not only his own problems but those of the entire family.

Kristina opens Chambers Academy in season six, named for her friend, Gwen Chambers, Kristina's friend and support that she met during chemotherapy who left a large (but unknown) endowment to Kristina that is used to fund the startup costs of Chambers Academy.

Chambers offers education to students with learning difficulties who do not respond to general or special education settings.

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She is portrayed as a typical soccer mom who works to keep her family happy.

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