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The phone calls can be made from your computer to another computer that uses Vo IP system ; from your computer to a cell phone via a Vo IP SIP gateway provider; it all depends on your needs, all you require for the use of the IP Phone with your computer is a headset and a microphone.The Vo IP system is also very good to use for large or small business such as call centers.This delayed ice signal is rapidly transferred to nearby northern oceans and landmasses by atmospheric dynamics.These ice-driven responses lead to late-phased changes in atmospheric CO that provide positive feedback to the ice sheets and also project ‘late’ 41-K forcing across the tropics and the Southern Hemisphere.Our sofware is designed to be very user-friendly, it has a help section and currently supports 4 languages.

This model allows for abrupt changes of sedimentation rate (eg., at the boundaries of the Selli) and for hiatuses (eg., at the base of the Selli).

A thin nodular interval (about 2 cm) immediately below the base of the Selli suggests condensed sedimentation or a hiatus.

The goal of our study is to date by orbital tuning the duration of the Selli Level and of the hiatus/condensation at is base.

Also if you want , you can use a Vo IP phone: it looks like a classic phone but instead it is connected to a Vo IP provider through a Ethernet port and with the internet connection you can make local and international phone calls with the help of the IP Phone.

The IP phone does not require a computer or a software for it to work.

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Responses in austral regions are also influenced by a fast response to summer insolation forcing at high southern latitudes.

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