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Nhibernate hasmany not updating

Once an entity is loaded by its unique id and the second level cache is active the entity is available for all other sessions (of the same session factory).Thus once the entity is in the second level cache NHibernate won’t load the entity from the database until it is removed from the cache.There are subtle but important differences between them.Let’s implement an Account class for our samples With the session.There is only ONE select statement produced by NHibernate The above output was produced by this unit test When using the session.Load(id) method NHibernate only instantiates a proxy for the given entity.To enable the second level cache we have to adjust our configuration file.We have to define which cache provider we want to use.

Once an entity is in the first level cache a subsequent operation that wants to load the very same entity inside the current session retrieves this entity from the cache and no roundtrip to the database is needed.Get(id) method we can retrieve an entity from database.If there is no record found in the database with the given id then null is returned.There exist various implementations of a second level cache.For our sample we use a Hashtable based cache which is included in the core NHibernate assembly. Please refer to the chapter “Second Level Cache implementations” below to decide which implementation fits best for your needs.

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We can see this clearly in the following output produced by the unit test.

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