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SUMMARY Corrupt individuals in multiple agencies and/or groups actively participated, or were complicit in, the hoax kidnapping of Ha Leigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

The same aforementioned individuals then became actively involved in the persecution and criminal prosecution of Misty Janette Croslin for purposes of protecting an extended criminal enterprise. I am a former news reporter; now an independent journalist, songwriter, and author.

I have passed a federal background check performed through the United States Department of Commerce to work in a secure federal facility and move freely through secure areas. I am a successful single parent and had sole physical custody of my daughter from the time she was approximately four years-old until adulthood. She is now a mother and studies at the University of Minnesota.

I also have a minor son and share legal custody with his mother. In the spring of 2009 I began obtaining recorded statements from individuals involved in the national profile kidnapping case of Ha Leigh Ann-Marie Cummings.

I possess evidence that MISTY CROSLIN was a rape and torture victim.The Brief details evidence that interested non-party Timothy Charles Holmseth is being threatened with death and mutilation by the same individuals that conspired to entrap Misty Croslin.The Brief contains documentation from the Office of Florida Governor Rick Scott regarding child pornography that was manufactured of the missing child Ha Leigh Cummings after she was reported missing.The illegal conspiracy to entrap MISTY CROSLIN began when she was a minor child and involved multiple members of a large scale drug trafficking, child sex trafficking, child pornography, and international baby-selling operation in Florida.ATTORNEY ROBERT FIELDS Following the arrest of MISTY CROSLIN for drug trafficking, I was contacted by her attorney Robert Fields.

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My professional references include an officer of the Minnesota court, county attorney, elected officials, and hand-written letters of commendation from respected community leaders.