Mcafee global updating

Posted by / 20-Jan-2017 01:44

Mcafee global updating

You enable the super agent policy on only the computers you wish to designate as super agents (1 or 2 per subnet).I can see they offer a big advantage but only if you reduct the agent polling.This affectively accellerates the deployment of updates to the nodes and is very useful for out-of-hours update releases.It also reduces the amount of manual intervention required.

I have also enabled global updating and created a super agent.The thing I still need to find out is just how much traffic do update polls generate (assuming there is no new DAT), I'd guess it's very little.One doc on global updating also mentions the distributed repositories update as soon as the master is changed - this would be useful to rather than relying on scheduled incremental replication (mines currently running every 20 mins).With global updating you designate one or more nodes as Super Agents.When the Super Agent updates itself it will send out an agent wake-up call to to all other agents on the same subnet.

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As I understand it, Global updating is a sort of push technology.