Matt elrod dating andrea who is ariana dating

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Matt elrod dating andrea

Can you explain what big moves you believe you made?Because for viewers watching at home, it kind of looked like Andrea was right and you guys did just follow Rob to the end.I'd say my biggest regrets were messing up other people's games with my big mouth but I can't fully answer that.I'm proud of the way I played and thankful for the people I got to play it with."Do you think your faith really made a difference to how the game played out?I played with my heart and gave it everything I had.I don't think I can do anything but hold my head up high.I don't know the will and purposes of God but I was just doing the best that I could.

A lot of the times, the people that we voted out, it was our idea. If he had made it to the end, there was no question in my mind, no matter who he went up against, he would have won hands down. But yeah, everybody's going to have their opinion, but until you're actually in the game and like see how difficult it is and all that stuff, it's easy to make assumptions from home. Andrea Boehlke: Um, it's so funny because we're on the same [conference call] line."The thing about Christianity is that it's not as though God just works here or there; it's our lives and I believe he has a hand in everything.You ask yourself where to draw the line - there's so much pain and tragedy in the world so where is God for that? It's all these questions that start coming up and I don't understand it but I knew that I had to fully depend on him in my being, not to progress in the game but to keep going on Redemption Island.I've gotten all sorts of love and support from family and friends.Everyone seems to be really proud of me and it's been really humbling to see how many people are behind me."Did you have a strategy for what you would have liked to do had you had more time in the game?

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She really thought that she was higher up in the Ometepe alliance than she was and then I realised that there was a target on my back.